A Break from the Mundane

As the winter doldrums regrettably set in, there’s no better time to get away than the present.  Eschewing the obvious sun soaked destinations of Florida or the Caribbean, my ideal escape is definitely Paris.  La Maison Champs Elysees to be exact.  Situated in the Golden Triangle, this boutique design hotel boasts a total of 57 suites, 17 of which comprise the “Couture Collection” designed exclusively by Martin Margiela.  With surreal touches such as trompe l’oeil wall coverings and faux ceilings, this stunning former townhouse would undeniably make a great escape.

Combining elements of surrealism such as oversized moldings and extra-large wingback chairs, the elegant all white decor of  the hotel’s Table du 8 Restaurant is praised as a perfect backdrop to showcase Chef Benoit Hilaire’s modern take on classic French fare.

A contemporary interpretation of Napoleon III style, the Gilded Lounge Suite mimics the whimsical yet chic decor of the surrounding hotel.  The trompe l’oeil wall coverings are actually made up of black and white photographs of the gilded lounge on the second floor. 

Like the Gilded Lounge Suite above, the Lost Moldings Suite is not short of whimsy with its perplexing placement of moldings set against a serene white, beige, and grey color scheme.


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