Lessons in Coffee Table Styling

My coffee table leaves much to be desired.  Littered with magazines, note pads, post-its, and usually a lap top, it’s generally more of a work space, and often a dinner table, than a conversation-starting focal point of my living room.  Which got me thinking, I’ve been hunting for a new coffee table for quite some time but perhaps, I should simply focus more on the styling.  Taking a cue from a few of these picturesque tablescapes, one thing is clear: personalizing your tabletop with unique keepsakes is the key to creating an enviable vignette, as is incorporating flowers, trays, books and other decorative objects.

Trays and ornamental dishes serve as a great way to display and organize items while books add a pop of color and can serve as a base for layering.

Choose a color scheme and pair decorative objects and books in complimentary hues.

Grouping items like matchbooks in a dish is another way to create an interesting and functional tablescape.

Balancing studio 54 and old hollywood glamour, I wasn’t surprised to hear that this mirrored number resides in Rachel Zoe’s office.

This lucite table demonstrates that organization can be aesthetically pleasing.  The same goes for glass or any other tabletop that allows your bottom shelf to show through.

Don’t forget about what’s under the table.  Here, a zebra rug adds texture for an interesting backdrop to a contemporary glass table.  To mimic these lovely tablescapes, start with your favorite reading material as a base, top with groupings of little curiosities in a dish or tray, and layer objects in varying textures and heights.

Jonathan Adler has some great options:

In shiny gold, this is the perfect little bud vase.

This acrylic tray is great for organizing while also adding a dose of color and pattern.

A gorgeous dish can take center stage on its own or atop a good read.

Add color with this adorable round box from the santorini collection.

These candlesticks are great for adding a little height, they’re the perfect size.

A small tray in a bright color is another great way to group items.

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