50 Shades of Green

First off, please excuse my lack of posts…  Too much summer fun and a move to Chicago has kept me super busy!   I promise to resume a more regular schedule.  On to more important things–like fall colors.  I love summer but am psyched to see massive end-of-season sales clearing the way for fall!   I’m even more psyched that this fall seems to be clinging on to the brights trend, favoring more jewel tones over the usual autumn fare.  Case in point, there’s no short supply of emeralds and jades:

Above from top down: Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2012; Rooney Mara in Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall collection (via RCFA); J.Crew’s Fall collection.  Some styling options:  Pair emerald greens with cobalt blue as shown above.   Also digging this jade blouse-leopard skirt combo (via Style Bistro).

I’m also a huge fan of this polka dot blouse from Kelly Wearstler– it definitely softens up these leather leggings.   Available at Shopbop here.

This striped skirt from Madewell is on the top of my fall wishlist.  Perfect with a chunky sweater or dressed up with a silk blouse or blazer.  $58.00 available here.

Also loving a little green for the home.

This malachite pillow (available at Society Social for $54 here) would be a perfect accent with a black and white motif.

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