A Charleston Wedding

With wedding season in full swing, I thought it fitting to feature one of my favorites–my youngest brother being the groom might have something to do with it…just sayin!  Charleston was a no-brainer when it came to deciding the locale (the couple met at the College of Charleston) and Fenwick Hall, a stately pre-civil war plantation off the intercoastal,  served as an idyllic backdrop merging Southern charm and casual elegance.



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Calder Clark put on a fabulous event styled with accents of emerald green, navy and white.  Striped drum shades echoed the preppy vibe while milk glass vases and hand tied arrangements lent a dose of vintage elegance to the tablescape.   And the food–amazing!

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I’ve never really been into wedding cake, however, this monogrammed showstopper was a game changer… Gorgeous!

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Congrats guys!

Photography by Gayle Brooker Photography

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