Apartment Envy: Small Space Big Style

Have you seen the new House Beautiful??  This NYC apartment featured in this month’s issue is to die for.  The small space was designed by decor genius Ashley Whittaker–you might remember an old feature on her own apartment in Domino.   Bold wallpaper and smart furnishings (like the parsons desk that doubles as a dining table) pack major style into the 800 sq. ft. space.  LOVE the zebra print wallpaper in the kitchen–Zebrine by Rose Cummings–a classic!

Osborne-Littles-Maharani-wallpaper-for-entry New-York-apartment-by-designer-Ashley-Whittaker 03-hbx-pink-living-room-chairs-whittaker-0713-xln Ashley Whittaker Design NYC Apartment Benjamin-Moore-paint-Silver-Half-Dollar rose-cumming-zebrine-wallpaper-whittaker-house-beautiful 07-hbx-bright-yellow-kitchen-stool-whittaker-0713-xln 08-hbx-lime-green-quadrille-wallpaper-whittaker-0713-xln 09-hbx-white-ikea-drawers-whittaker-0713-xln

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