Decor Inspo: Nate Berkus’ West Coast Digs

Nate Berkus and fiance Jeremiah Brent can do no wrong in my book.  The mix of brass, black, earthy tones, and lush textures creates a laid-back masculine aesthetic with a healthy dose of glam.  Love how they balanced the home’s hollywood regency architecture with sleek modern furnishings and accessories.  Perfection!

hbz-fashionable-life-nate-berkus-living-room-portrait-lgn hbz-fashionable-life-nate-berkus-living-room-chairs-lgn-29841443 hbz-fashionable-life-nate-berkus-bathroom-lgn-48474133 hbz-fashionable-life-nate-berkus-bedroom-lgn-80701917 hbz-fashionable-life-nate-berkus-living-room-windows-lgn-6283726 hbz-fashionable-life-nate-berkus-kitchen-oven-lgn-88593511 hbz-fashionable-life-nate-berkus-kitchen-lgn-45591 hbz-fashionable-life-nate-berkus-pool-lgn-18048262

And that pool flanked by a curved glass wall–whaaat!?  Stunning.

Photography by Douglas Friedman for Harper’s Bazaar.

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