Apartment Envy: The CHICago Life

I pretty much drooled over this gorgeous apartment featured recently on The Every Girl.  It was the first time I had been introduced to Amelia Canham Eaton’s blog, The CHICago Life, which she co-found with law school friend Samantha Voss.  After a peak into her apartment and a little outfit envy with those gold pants (below), it won’t be the last!  Quirky accessories and palm leaf wallpaper keep things light and fun–her use of color balanced with a glam mix of black, white, and brass accents isn’t too bad either!

TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_9 - Copy TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_1 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_2 - Copy TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_3 - Copy TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_4 - Copy TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_6 - Copy TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_5 - Copy TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_7 - Copy TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_14 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_15 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_16 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_8 - Copy TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_13 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_12 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_11 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_10 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_17 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_18 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_19 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_21 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_22 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_23 TheEverygirl_AmeliaCanhamEatonHomeTour_20Such a cute space!  I need to meet this girl–and um, need those gold pants, stat!

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