A Little Style for Your Furry Friends

Somehow I seem to have acquired two dogs–two adorable Boykin Spaniels.  While I love the little pups, incessant shedding and dark hair does not bode well for upholstery, rugs, bedding…the list goes on.  Keeping pets off furniture would be the obvious answer, but saying “no” to those cute faces is no easy feat!  Fortunately, my sofa is slipcovered which makes washing stains and removing hair that much easier.  However, weekly slipcover washing is a little tedious to say the least. For a temporary fix, I found a semi cute (and cheap) throw to wrap over the bottom cushions and I’m kind of digging it.

KBF Sofa 3 Murphys Charleston 2

Funny story–I found this throw at…drum roll…a gas station!  Yes, I bought it for $6 at a gas station somewhere in Indiana on a trip from Chicago to Charleston.  It was such a good find I actually snagged two–now I’m wishing I bought more…

Other great options with style to spare–these chic dog beds (here and here — also love the toile here) and matching toys from Harry Barker.

Harry-Barker-Safari-Dog-Beds-Bones-Toys-Dog-Gift-BucketNeed a cute option for dog food storage?  Harry Barker has that covered too!


Clockwise from top to bottom:  Classic Canisters, here; Toile Canisters, here; Swedish Farmhouse Canisters, here; and Bon Chien Canisters, here.

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