Wedding File: A NYE Gold Coast Affair

525744_10151424785684605_65778179_n  There really is no better way to ring in the New Year than with a wedding–even better yet, a black tie Chicago affair in the Gold Coast no less!  Add the old glamour of the Racquet Club and you have one fairytale wedding full of glitzy New Year’s Eve goodness.  A year ago today, I had just such a privilege.  Heart aflutter in my bridesmaid best donning a statuesque floor length Jenny Yoo creation for my oldest and dearest friend (not to mention one of the most stylish, witty and fun ladies I know–just sayin), I can’t think of a better way to launch the New Year!  In shades of gray, blush, gold and silver, this swanky soiree captured old Chicago glamour with modern, elegant perfection.  So much fabulousness!

379285_10151424732109605_366371955_n 560000_10151424732004605_795211960_n 222790_10151424732419605_438497360_n 377767_10151424732379605_771147787_n 539741_10151424731694605_1552916279_n 544397_10151424737344605_1239746035_n 522025_10151424738514605_862901604_n 541494_10151424744589605_986951932_n Kate Wedding Racquet Club Chicago New Years Eve 487467_10151424765694605_64446236_n 575480_10151424765919605_1632327440_n 563517_10151424774339605_1215038325_n 44272_10151424766774605_561571937_n 529799_10151424775079605_895955855_n 600593_10151424785029605_1503314819_n 59716_10151424745094605_29785702_n 531797_10151424745444605_434861779_n 11191_10151424826349605_131490089_n 558080_10151424745319605_1862097837_n529529_10151424826984605_805000781_n Kate Chicago Gold Coast Wedding Floral Hand Tied Bouquet Charcoal Blush Pink White 485296_10151424826404605_320981690_n 734780_10151424826944605_929759800_n 379711_10151424827009605_997888506_n 485334_10151424826599605_1931403130_n 379708_10151424881839605_1384058707_n 426139_10151424841194605_1002149463_n 405749_10151424827409605_1139410012_n Kate Wedding Purdue Groom's cake raquet club NYE chicago gold coast 404846_10151424859739605_1376435604_n 405722_10151424840499605_1764046394_n 529745_10151424864914605_1580676820_n 549371_10151424880344605_1923171787_n 69617_10151424884264605_1113235473_n 525517_10151424888014605_423070092_n 529547_10151424888004605_600529670_n 600787_10151424881749605_1619760087_n 11214_10151424786029605_228110353_nSuch a fabulous wedding! Congrats guys–happy one-year anniversary!

Dress: Lela Rose // Flowers: Hello Darling // Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo // Reception: Racquet Club of Chicago // Photography: JPP Studios

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