Design Crush: Patrick Mele

Patrick Mele Olson_bedroom_2_1

 I was recently introduced to Patrick Mele while perusing through this month’s House Beautiful.  Featured as part of the mag’s “Next Wave” series, the NYC based designer is definitely one to watch.  From traditional to modern, his uniquely authentic interiors please a multitude of palettes, whatever your aesthetic of choice.

Patrick Mele Olson_bedroom_2_2 Patrick Mele_Greenwich_bedroom Patrick Mele Pelham_living Patrick Mele Pelham_tvroom1 Patrick Mele Pelham_kitchen Patrick Mele Pelham_dining1 Patrick Mele Pelham Nightstand Patrick Mele_Greenwich_kitchen Patrick Mele Design olsen_dining Patrick Mele_Greenwich_bedroom design crush Patrick Mele Olson_bedroom_3_2 Patrick Mele_Greenwich_barcart Patrick Mele_Greenwich_diningGORGEOUS.  Don’t you think?


*Images via Patrick Mele

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