Paris Fashion Week: Chanel, Trainers & A Supermarket


And the winner of the strangest backdrop for a runway show goes to … drum roll, please … Chanel.  The iconic brand displayed its fall runway collection last week in a faux supermarket erected at the Grand Palais.  A strange setting for a runway show?  Perhaps not.  Lagerfeld’s obsession with the modern and even mundane (note the low top and lace up trainers in every look) translated into a fall collection with a nod to modern consumerism that was at home among aisles replete with Chanel branded pasta, canned goods and even home cleaning products.  Such a setting was a fitting juxtaposition for the high fashion design house and Lagerfeld’s amalgamtation of 90s grunge, 80s decadence, 70s glam, 60s mod and, of course, classic Chanel tweeds.  Apparently, show goers were treated to complimentary produce and other goodies on their way out, including gummi bears shaped like Chanel No. 5 bottles!

Chanel-Fall-2014-Runway-Paris-Fashion-Week-1 Chanel-Fall-2014-Runway-Paris-Fashion-Week-2 Chanel-Fall-2014-Runway-Paris-Fashion-Week-4 Chanel-Fall-2014-Runway-Paris-Fashion-Week-5 Chanel-Fall-2014-Runway-Paris-Fashion-Week-6 Chanel-Fall-2014-Runway-Paris-Fashion-Week-7 Chanel-Fall-2014-Runway-Paris-Fashion-Week-8

Images via Fashionista

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