Paris, Please!


In less than 24 hours, I will be meandering gorgeous cobblestone streets, snacking on delectable french fare and sipping a perfect glass of rose (or two or three…) in the magical metropolis that is Paris!

With only three days to burn, I have lofty expectations of fitting in the best the City of Light has to offer.  There will be no fighting the crowds of the Louvre just to see all 31 x 21 inches of the plexiglass covered Mona Lisa–been there, done that!  This trip will be about savoring the little things that make Parisian life so enviable–that perfect cup of coffee and croissant, the inner-city oasis of the Jardin du Luxembourg, the stalls of the Port de Clingencourt, flower markets, street crepes, baguettes du fromage, and, of course, a little faire du shopping!  Also on the docket: a visit to the Hemingway Bar at the Ritz or perhaps the Hotel Costes just because.  Stay tuned and au revoir pour maintenant…

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