Apartment Envy: Artfully Appointed


Home to artist Jenna Snyder-Phillips, this gorgeous NYC apartment is littered with bold art work, rich textures and laid back prints (think tropical, animal and tie-dye).   Filling a space with fabulous art and accents is certainly a skill (and not cheap)–it definitely doesn’t hurt to be an accomplished artist!  I’m personally obsessed with the abstract pairing above and below.  Absolutely showstopping.  You can check out more of her fabulous works here.

jenna-snyder-phillips-cool-calm-living-room-abstract-art.jpgjenna-snyder-phillips-serene-living-room-detailsjenna-snyder-phillips-serene-living-room-media-console-detailsPrints embellished with custom paint of her popular Indian Chief paintings (below) are available at Domino–love the gold and pink versions! jenna-snyder-phillips-eclectic-living-room-abstract-art.jpgObsessed with the living space below with its muted grey palette, brass accents, bold animal prints, and rich textures like fur and velvet.  Oh and that gorgeous vintage Beni rug!  Yes, please.
jenna-snyder-phillips-eclectic-living-room-bedroom-nightstand.jpgjenna-snyder-phillips-serene-bedroom-artThe healthy abundance of textures translates beautifully to the bedrooms with clean white linens layered under fur pillows and throws.  jenna-snyder-phillips-guest-bedroom

Simply gorgeous.

*Images via Jenna Snyder-Phillips

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