Paris Street Style: Haute Couture Fall 2013

Just a few faves from the fashion set attending last week’s haute couture shows in Paris.  While these gals have certainly amped up their game for the photogs, there’s definitely a more authentic vibe going on–less circus, more real.  Some have dubbed it a reality check but as with all things fashion, however, it’s more likely the emergence of a larger trend–in this case: back to basics.   Or maybe a reality check is a trend…  Either way, I’m digging it.
hbz-couture-day-2-floral-chintz hbz-couture-day-2-full-skirt-dots hbz-couture-day-2-pink-suit-fedora hbz-couture-day-2-teal-shift-laceup-pump hbz-street-style-couture-2014-19-lgn hbz-street-style-couture-2014-23-lgn hbz-street-style-couture-2014-25-lgn hbz-street-style-couture-2014-28-lgn hbz-street-style-couture-2014-36-lgn hbz-street-style-couture-2014-38-lgn hbz-street-style-couture-matchy-separatesPhoto Credit: Diego Zuko for Harper’s Bazaar